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    Quality RCDs, motion sensors and smoke alarms fitted by the experts in Perth

    All Electrical Work takes safety very seriously, which is why we offer only the best quality and value when it comes to safety-related products. 

    Our electrical safety products include:

    • Clipsal safety switches
    • Clipsal smoke alarms
    • Security lighting

    Call us now on
    08 9302 2000  and stay safe with our range of RCDs, security lights, and smoke alarms.

    Smoke alarms

    Smoke alarms are a must-have device for every home and business, as they have been proven to save lives time and again. Our Clipsal Fire Tec smoke alarm provides reliable performance and ultimate protection with minimal maintenance. Its streamline looks and flush fitting make it the number one choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

    Motion sensors 

    Motion sensor operated lighting offers another level of security and peace of mind to homeowners and businesses. In addition to being an added security device, they are a great energy saving aid. Our Clipsal range has a staggering 14-metre detection range, and is sleek, unobtrusive, and highly reliable.

    Electricity measuring devices

    Electricity measuring devices are the perfect aid for monitoring the cost and usage of your energy. These innovative devices are also ideal for those wishing to make their own contribution towards helping the environment. 
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