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13 April 2016

When you buy your first home, you may look forward to having a place of your own, putting down roots in your community and building on that initial investment. But if you're a first-time homeowner, you may not anticipate all of the maintenance tasks required to keep your property safe and liveable. 

One ofthe most frequently overlooked appliances is the smoke alarm. In this blog, we answer four common questions that homeowners in your position have about this important appliance. 

11 May 2016

Some homeowners assume they can easily solve minor electrical issues on their own, like repairing flickering lights or faulty breakers. However, seemingly minor electrical issues may turn out to be complex problems that require the expertise of a professional. Many homeowners don't have the knowledge or certification required to solve such complex electrical problems.

Here are some common electrical problems that you should always leave to a professional electrician.

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